Cost of the average Russian vacation


Welcome to Moscow

So I decided to see what the average family of 4 spent while traveling on vacation in the states. I must admit I was a bit shocked when I saw the numbers, but then it’s been a while since I’ve experienced traveling in the states. I visited tripadvisor to see what people were planning when they went on a trip within the states. Remember they were planning for a 7 – 10 day visit to their destination. One person said that they planned about $1,000 dollars per person. Others calculated their stays in a totally different way. Some even didn’t have a clue how much they spent and didn’t even want to tally up the costs. Personally I found this quite amusing. So I decided to give an average cost from what I found on each aspect that can occur while traveling. Comparing is a little difficult since our trip was for 3 weeks so dividing by 2 or 3 must be considered. All of our traveling was done by train as well so no airfare was involved.

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Train from Moscow to St. Petersburg

The trains here are a great way to travel inside Russia. They are reasonable priced and have three different levels of comfort, something I will cover in another post. We chose to travel the most economical way to save money.


USA visit – $250 – single destination – by car

Russian visit – $475 – three destinations – by train


Typical room in St. Peterburg

I’d love to say we stayed in five star hotels with fancy pools and spa, but we chose to save our money for other things. We didn’t stay in the room above but we stayed in a nice room that was clean and were able to talk to our friend who graciously allowed us to stay with her. It’s typical when traveling in Russia to stay with family or friends when possible. Families are very tight knit and being able to spend time with them is invaluable. Something I think that has been lost in America, if I’m wrong somebody please tell me.

Hotel Accommodations:

USA visit – $1200 – average hotel

Russian visit – $00.00 (we have friends everywhere)


Hochu Kharcho Restaurant in St. Petersburg

This was the most expensive meal we had during our entire trip. The Hochu Kharcho restaurant served Georgian food which was wonderful. The entire meal including dessert cost us less than a hundred dollars. Otherwise our average meal was less then $10.00 per person and we both gained weight so I think that says something.

Food & Eating out:

USA visit: $800

Russian visit: $600


Canals of St. Petersburg

The canals of St. Petersburg are beautiful, it’s considered the Venice of Russia. I think we walked maybe half of them, each canal has wonderfully old architecture on both sides of the canals. It was always a treat to find a small park next to them as well. I will share about this as well.


USA Excursions:  $400

Russian Excursions: $300

Total costs for USA trip: $2650 – one week vacation

Total costs for Russian trip: $1375 – 3 week vacation

So all in all we spent probably less then $500 dollars a week. If you are interested in traveling inside Russia post a comment and I will certainly be willing to help in any way I can.

6 thoughts on “Cost of the average Russian vacation

    1. Being an American I thought it would make an interesting comparison. The wife and I are becoming travel bugs and since we are both teachers we try to save money any way we can.

  1. The price comparisons are very interesting indeed.
    It is a pity that it’s so expensive to travel in my country (Japan). Even domestic travel can cost a lot… Maybe someday I will have a chance to visit Russia, but until then, I can enjoy this beautiful country through your experiences. Hope you have a full recovery from the operation? 🙂

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