The Day “Hell” visited Fort Zverev, Russia


If Hell is a physical place on Earth

If Hell is a physical place on Earth, Fort Zverev, Russia would be a good candidate. In researching this article I had to dig deep to find information that wasn’t just a cut and paste. It seems that Fort Zverev is one of nine forts that were first built back in the beginnings of the 1800’s. The first fort was built during the time of Peter the Great. They were all built for the protection of the northern fairway to St. Petersburg. near the head of the gulf of Finland. The first island was taken from the Swedes in 1703. The fortifications built at this time were overseen by Pushkin’s great-grandfather, Abram Petrovich Gannibal. The forts themselves were built very quickly during the middle of the winter by making cuttings in the ice. Workers used thousands of frames made of oak logs filled with stones. They were hauled across the ice by horse carts creating several small islands that protected St. Petersburg from the north.

k4-30General view of the central part of the fort.

A view of the fort from outside

These Batteries were used extensively during the February revolution, Kronstadt rebellion, and World War II. Kronstadt was thoroughly fortified in the 19th century due to flooding. All the fortifications were low and thickly armored earthworks, powerfully armed with heavy Krupp guns in turrets. To see all the forts click here Northern Forts.


The Gateway to Hell

Then in 1970 a fire broke out in the basement of Fort Zverev which lasted for several week. From my research the real cause of the fire was never determined but it has been speculated that napalm or a pirrogel was being tested at the fort with the results being the total devastation of the underground part of the fort. In one article I read it stated that the walls, floor, and ceiling were covered with an asphalt solution which could have added to the intensity of the fire. What is know is that stone or brick can survive terrific temperatures of up to 1,800 degrees. After which when reaching 2,000 degrees they will begin to melt.

The truth about careless tourists

In another version, which to me seems a lot less likely stated that the fort was a cesspool of lubricants and decommissioned ammunition, bilge water and waste from ships that was accidentally set fire by careless tourists. Unfortunately the truth of the matter will probably never be know.

Short video about the fort

My assessment of the situation is that the combination asphalt and high temperatures were the cause of the icicles that can be seen throughout the entire basement area.


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