Anbandoned Russian Mine – Psychedelic Rave


This is no rabbit hole

When you reach 650 ft. below Yekaterinburg, Russia you’ve entered the beginnings of a very psychedelic world. This is no rabbit hole and Alice would be on a different trip here. This is an abandoned salt mine or nearly so. It seems a small part of this mine is still worked.


The walls of this mine are covered with what seem to be man made swirls but they are all naturally formed by layers upon layers of minerals which were mined for their use in fertilizers. The colors themselves come from carnallite which is used in the process of plant fertilization. Most of the time it will appear yellow to white or reddish, but can sometimes be blue or even completely colorless.


It’s a magical place

This magical place was photographed by a very brave soul by the name of Mikhail Mishainik. “See”, one can only access this mine with a special permit from the government. Many of the locals now about the mine and the dangers one will experience when exploring it.

Abandoned Salt Mine

Cave-ins are real possibility

In exploring this salt mine there is a real possibility that there could be cave ins or gas leaks from chemicals such as methane, hydrogen sulphide carbon dioxide.  Mishainik said, We take our safety very seriously but of course there are always dangers.
This part makes it fun and it’s a special feeling being somewhere that very few people have seen.’


This is a place you don’t want to get lost

One can almost hear the workers from the past clamoring about hacking at the walls, moving the salt to the surface. They miles and miles that stretch in all directions. It would be very easy to get lost down here without a flashlight.


Endless colors and patterns

The mine itself reminds us of subterranean version of China’s stunning rainbow mountains. The colors and patterns seem to be endless. The Russian adventurer spent over 20 hours exploring the dimly lit labyrinth and has stayed overnight on at least three occasions.


It’s interesting to see the patterns that were left by the machinery on the walls, the roof and even tracks still left on the ground.

Abandoned Salt Mine

Messages from the past

It makes one think that the miners themselves were leaving messages on the walls for those who would visit in the future. Wonder what they had in mind? I doubt they could very imagine the place been a possible place to hold a rave party.

article-2552245-1B360C2100000578-49_964x998The psychedelic patterns on the walls match the brightly coloured salty brine water covering the floor.


Here it can be seen that they used a conveyor system to move the salt. More then likely to a larger cavern where it was moved out by trucks.

article-2552245-1B35FE6100000578-970_964x642Even here it seems that the walls are speaking.

article-2552245-1B35FE4800000578-54_964x642It would be interesting to see the machinery they used that would leave such patterns.

Abandoned Salt Mine

Finally here’s a short video about the mines, it’s bit repetitive but still interesting.

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