Mirror Reflections – Barbados & Russia


Life in Barbados

The photograph above is of the historic Morgan Lewis sugar mill, built in the early 1700s on the island of Barbados. It is one of only two intact sugar mills remaining in the Caribbean. As noted in the history of sugar (Jan. 21 post), with the rise of coffee, tea, and chocolate in Europe, the demand for sugar led to an explosive expansion of the sugar trade. Sugar plantations spread like wildfire through the French, Spanish, Dutch, and English colonies in the Caribbean (or West Indies, as they were then known), as well as in South America, especially Portuguese Brazil………

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Kizhi 22-domed Transfiguration Church (1714) URSS8

Life in Russia

Researchers believe that windmills could be found in northern Russia, which, as we know, was the place of origin for the majority of Fort Ross inhabitants, well before the XVII century (N. Volotskii, “A few words about ordinary windmills”, Vologda Provincial News, issue no. 68, 1875).

Windmills in the North of Russia were categorized according to two widely-used types – stolbovka and shatrovka (see Appendix 1, Figure 5). The latter kind appeared no earlier than the XVIII century. The number of mills located near separate northern villages amounted to the thirty or forty (O.G. Sevan, Monuments of folk architecture of the Russian North: support structures and buildings, small forms.)……….

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