Sudden Divorce Syndrome and the Decembrist Wives

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I was fortunate to be involved in an amicable divorce with my ex-wife but this doesn’t mean that I’m unaware of how dysfunctional the practice of family and divorce law is in the USA.  I just got lucky, that’s all!

Sudden Divorce Syndrome:

Consider the story of Martin Paul featured in an article on MSN Living.

“I don’t want to die, I want to live. But I can’t live with this torture.”

You’d think after hearing somebody say this, that they must be dying from some horrible disease or was maimed on the battlefield, but no.  His wife of about 25 years decided to divorce him, use restraining orders to expel him from the home where he couldn’t conduct business from his home office, use trumped-up charges of abuse to deny visitation rights for his children and win a divorce settlement and alimony that is equivalent to 75% of…

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