A Day to Celebrate – “Victory Day”

Vicotry_Day_03_LPhoto Credit: PRG


May 9th is observed as “Victory Day” for Russia and for 17 other countries including “Great Britain”. This day commemorates the the defeat of Nazi Germany 69 years ago. Victory Day is a day of remembrance, giving honor to the 27 million Soviets, both military and civilians who lost their lives in World War II,  between 1941 and 1945. The impact of this war is still felt through out eastern Europe and Russia. Here is a list of all the countries and number of lives listed below that were lost during this time period. I hope it will give great pause to all those who lost loved ones and great hope that this type of thing will never happen again.

Armenia – 150,000-250,000 lives

Azerbaijan – 534,000 lives

Belarus – 2,290,000 lives

Poland – 5,820,000 lives

Bosnia and Herzegovina – 1,700,000 lives

Georgia – 300,000 live

Israel – 5,894,716 lives

 Kazakhstan – 660,000 lives

 Kyrgyzstan – 120,000 lives

Moldova – 170,000 lives

Russia – 13,950,000 lives

Tajikistan – 120,000 lives

Turkmenistan – 100,000 lives

United Kingdom – 450,900 lives

Uzbekistan – 550,000 lives

Total – 38,166,516


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