Mirror Reflections – Malawi & Russia

114d033ee9Malawi has two sites listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.Lake Malawi National Park was first listed in 1984 and the Chongoni Rock Art Area was listed in 2006

Life in Malawi

These peoples brought centralised systems of governance and established the Maravi Empire around 1480. This was a confederacy of different groups ruled by a karonga (king), who had allegiance from the leaders of each clan.
However, by 1720 the confederacy fractured as different groups broke away from the authority of the karonga. This decline was partly caused by the influence of the Portuguese and Arabs who came to trade in iron, ivory and slaves.
Dr Livingstone’s influence
The Victorian explorer, Dr David Livingstone, arrived in the country in the late 1850s. At that time, Lake Malawi would have been dotted with dhow sails, as boats ferried slaves and ivory across to the eastern shore and the long journey to the coast.
Many lakeside towns (such as Nkhotakota and Salima) were Arab trade centres for slaves. Livingstone was an important crusader against slavery, publicising its horrors back in Britain……….

Visit: http://www.our-africa.org/malawi/history-politics

 caucasus-mountains-limestone-massif-bolshoy-thach-natural-park-adygea-beautiful-sceneryCaucasus mountains limestone massif Bolshoy Thach

natural park Adygea beautiful scenery

Life in Russia

The small republic of Adygea was established on July 27 1922, when most territories were divided in arbitrary
manner (without using a common cultural or ethnic factor).
The name originates from Adyghe (Circassian) people, the native inhabitants of the region, who were displaced
by the Russian Empire after the XIX century conquest of Circassia. Today, Russians make up two thirds of the
population of Adygea.
Adygea is rich in oil and mineral springs, and Maykop was one of the main oil centers of Russia’s North Caucasus
but the presence of significant natural resources didn’t contribute to the development of the small republic as
it remainedeconomically deprived. Nevertheless, it is a land of exquisite natural beauty.

Visit: https://thenorthcaucasus.wordpress.com/about-caucasus/adygea/

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