I played кёрлинг (curling) and actually won…

I’d like to introduce a very interesting blog writer in Khakassia. Her story is very interesting, and I think many of you would enjoy visiting her blog.

My life in Khakassia


To know Russia, you have to suffer through its winter. I’m sorry to perpetuate that stereotype, but it is true. Aside from suffering and getting depressed from the lack of sunlight, you could also take part in some sort of winter sport. Lucky for me, I got the chance to live in Russia during the hype of the Sochi Winter Olympics. And who would have known that my initiation into the world winter sports would begin with the sport that everyone likes to scoff at—CURLING …(scoff).

Curling is a sport in which players have to slide a very heavy, granite rock across a sheet of ice until it reaches a target made up of concentric circles. The target is divided into segments. Each team can store a point of granite rock lands in the segment closest to center. That’s not even the fun part. One member of the team has…

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