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Invasions USA 71 vs RU 14

Recently I was on another Social media website other than Facebook, it’s one that is very popular here in Russia. My wife called my attention to it and I was quite surprised. Do we ever question how often our own countries invade other countries? What is it that leads us to believe that our way of thinking is superior to others? That our way of life should be the way everyone else lives. I’m a firm believer in democracy, but does it mean that every one else should too? No! One of the things that I’ve learned being here is that there is more than one way to govern people. It doesn’t always mean that the form of government it correct, but what it does mean is that the people as well as countries have the right to chose for themselves. I’ve heard it said that the world is becoming a lot more homogenized, that countries are all beginning to look the same no matter were you go. But it’s this very uniqueness that we all crave, it’s why we love to travel. We get to taste the differences between cultures. In some places we get to visit it’s like stepping back in time, other times it’s just plain different. No matter what the reasons for going or exploring it’s to try something new and exciting.

Do we really want the world to look like this?

it's a crazy world

Or should be as unique as this?


I’m a simple guy, looking for a simple world.

I’d like to believe it’s a simple world, but then I realize it’s actually very complicated in many ways. So I’ll get straight to the point. Everybody in the states loves football, the world loves soccer. When it comes to invasions I don’t think anybody likes this word, at least I don’t think so. I could be wrong. Has anybody paid attention as to how many times the US has invaded other countries? In this comparison I’m matching up the US and RU. It was surprising to say the least.  Here’s the stats. They came from Wikipedia so all the numbers can be verified. I’m not going to try to justify the reasons why they should or shouldn’t have happened, but they did! Personally I think it should give all a bit of pause when we condone these types of events.

USA 71

1901 – sending troops to Colombia .
1902 – the invasion of Panama .
1904 – the invasion of Korea , Morocco and the Dominican Republic .
1905 – U.S. troops intervene in a revolution in Honduras.
1905 – the invasion of Mexico ( the dictator Porfirio DMaz helped suppress the rebellion ) .
1905 – the invasion of Korea.
1906 – the invasion of the Philippines , the suppression of the liberation movement .
1906 – 1909 – U.S. troops are in Cuba during the elections.
1907 – U.S. troops enforce protectorate ” dollar diplomacy ” in Nicaragua.
1907 – U.S. troops intervene in a revolution in the Dominican Republic
1907 – U.S. troops are involved in a war with Honduras, Nicaragua.
1908 – U.S. troops are in Panama during the elections.
1910 – Nicaragua. The United States sent military forces in Nicaragua and organized anti-government conspiracy.
In 1910 was formed a junta of pro-American generals.
In the same year became president Estrada, but the following year he was replaced by A. Diaz , supported by U.S. troops.
1911 – Americans landed in Honduras to support the rebellion led by former President Manuel Bonnily against the legitimately elected President Miguel Davila .
1911 – suppression of anti-American riots in the Philippines.
1911 – introduction of troops in China .
1912 – U.S. troops are in Havana (Cuba) .
1912 – U.S. troops are in Panama during the elections.
1912 – U.S. troops in the invasion of Honduras .
1912-1933 – the occupation of Nicaragua. Nicaragua has become a monopoly of the colony ” United Fruit Company ” and other American companies.
In 1914, Washington signed an agreement by which the United States granted the right to build an inter-oceanic canal in the territory of Nicaragua. In 1917 he became president E. Chamorro , the U.S. concluded with several new agreements , which led to further enslave the country.
1914 – U.S. troops are in the Dominican Republic , the battle with insurgents in Santa Domingo.
1914-1918 – A series of incursions into Mexico.
1914-1934 – Haiti. After numerous uprisings America introduces its troops , the occupation continues 19 years .
1916-1924 – 8 -year-old occupation of the Dominican Republic.
1917-1933 – military occupation of Cuba , economic protectorate .
1917-1918 – participation in the 1st World War.
1918-1922 – intervention in Russia . It was attended by just 14 countries.
Provide active support to the breakaway territories of Russia – Kolchak and the Far Eastern Republic .
1918-1920 – Panama . After the election, introduced troops to quell the unrest .
1919 – COSTA RICA . U.S. Troops … to “protect American interests ” .
1919 – U.S. troops fighting on the side of Italy against Serbs in Dolmatov .
1919 – American troops are in Honduras during the elections.
1920 – Guatemala . 2 -week intervention .
1921 – U.S. support for the rebels who fought to overthrow the Guatemalan president Carlos Herrera to benefit the United Fruit Company.
1922 – intervention in Turkey.
1922-1927 – U.S. forces in China during the popular uprising .
1924-1925 – Honduras . Troops invaded the country during the elections.
1925 – Panama . American forces dispersed a general strike.
1926 – Nicaragua. Invasion .
1927-1934 – all over China statsionirovany American troops .
1932 – El Salvador invasion from the sea. At this time there was an uprising .
1937 – Nicaragua. With U.S. troops dictator Somoza comes to power , displacing the legitimate government of Hamid Sacasa .
1939 – The introduction of troops in China .
1947-1949 – Greece . U.S. troops are involved in a civil war , supporting the Nazis.
1948-1953 – military action in the Philippines.
1950 – uprising in Puerto Rico suppressed by U.S. troops.
1950-1953 – armed intervention in Korea about a million American soldiers.
1958 – Lebanon . Occupation of the country , the fight against the rebels.
1958 – confrontation with Panama .
1959 – America invades Laos, begin the first clashes of American troops in Vietnam.
1959 – Haiti. Suppression of the popular uprising against the pro-American government .
1960 – after Jose Maria Velasco was elected president of Ecuador , and refused to comply with U.S. demands to cut ties with Cuba , Americans spent several military operations and organize a coup.
1960 – U.S. troops are in Guatemala to prevent removal from power U.S. puppets .
1965-1973 – military aggression against Vietnam .
1966 – Guatemala . … U.S. troops entered the country , were arranged massacres of Indians, who were considered potential rebels.
1966 – military assistance pro-American governments of Indonesia and the Philippines. … (60,000 people were arrested for political reasons , when the government officially employed 88 experts on torture ) .
1971-1973 – the bombing of Laos.
1972 – Nicaragua. American troops are introduced in order to support the government, favorable to Washington.
1983 – The military intervention in Grenada, about 2 thousand marines.
1986 – attack on Libya . The bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi .
1988 – the invasion of American troops in Honduras
1988 – USS ” Vincennes ” , who was in the Persian Gulf, Iranian missile shot down a plane with 290 passengers on board , including 57 children .
1989 – American troops suppress unrest in the Virgin Islands.
1991 – large-scale military action against Iraq
1992-1994 – the occupation of Somalia. Armed violence against the civilian population , the killing of civilians .
1998 – Sudan . Americans consume missile strike pharmaceutical plant , claiming that it produces nerve gas .
1999 – ignoring international law , bypassing the UN and the Security Council , the United States , NATO forces launched a campaign of the 78-day aerial bombardment of the sovereign state of Yugoslavia.
2001 – the invasion of Afghanistan .
2003 – bombing of Iraq .
2011 – Libya .
2013 – mercenaries in the territory of Ukraine.

RU 14

1914 – invasion of Germany by Russia
1914 –  invasion of Austro-Hungarian Galicia by Russia
1915 – invasion of Ottoman Empire by the United Kingdom and Russia
1920 – invasion of Poland by Russia
1939 – invasion of Japanese Manchuria by the Soviet Union and Mongolia
1939 – invasion of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia by the Soviet Union
1939 – invasion of Finland by the Soviet Union
1941 – invasion of Iran by the Soviet Union and Britain
1944 – invasion of Bulgaria, Yugoslavia by the Soviet Union
1945 – invasion of Poland, Austria and Eastern Germany by the Soviet Union
1968 – invasion of Czechoslovakia – Soviet Union
1979 – invasion of Afghanistan – Soviet Union
2008 – invasion of Georgia –  Russia
2014 – intervention in Ukraine – Russia

So with that I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

But I will show you one more graph, that might help shed some light on our thinking. I’ve posted this before. It shows the number of lives lost in WW II. You will see who lost the most lives, who was effected the most. No matter what it’s a lose, lose situation for everyone if it continues to escalate



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