Mirror Reflections – Egypt & Russia

A general view of mosques during sunset in Old Cairo

Life in Egypt

THE turmoil in Egypt had until recently spared the country’s tourist destinations. The most recent attack in the Red Sea town of Dahab, a popular dive resort, was in 2006 when three blasts killed over 20 people. So it was a blow when, on February 16th, four people were killed by a bomb on a tourist bus in Taba, another town in the Sinai close to the border with Israel.

However, there is one nationality of visitor that is not put off by the insecurity. Egypt is a cheap, warm destination for Russians keen to escape the long, cold winter at home. The day after the Taba explosion, bus trips to nearby Jerusalem with Russian-speaking guides were as popular as ever, despite passing through Taba………….

Visit: http://www.economist.com/blogs/pomegranate/2014/02/russian-tourists-egypt


Life in Russia

So yeah, it had to be the Russians didn’t it? If you were going to bet on one nationality that was crazy enough to break laws that have probably existed for centuries in a place as volatile as Egypt is now, just to take a couple of sick photographs then hands down you were probably going to pick the Russians, right? Everyone who visits Sick Chirpse knows that Russians are crazy, so you would be a fool not to pick them. Sure, the Japanese and the Serbians do a lot of weird shit, but none of them are as batshit mental as the Russians and I doubt either of them would be as daring as this.

Apparently there’s the possibility of up to three years in jail if you get caught trying to climb up the Giant Pyramid (or maybe any of the pyramids, not sure) so this crazy group of Russian photographers did have a bit to risk when they went out there to get these snaps. They had to hide from guards for four hours after closing time before they thought the coast was clear and they then began their ascent up the Great Pyramid to capture these shots. They were probably worth the risk to be honest though because they’re completely awesome…………

Visit: http://www.sickchirpse.com/russian-great-pyramid-photographs/

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