Russian Cocktail Anyone? – Russian Engineer Creates Unusual Invention

Unusual Invention by Russian Engineer


A Russian engineer known as morkoiboy unveiled a rather unusual invention recently. By hitting the keys on his magical keyboard it squirts a specific amount of liquid, like liquor or syrup, into a small glass each time a keystroke is made. It makes you wonder what you get if I type out “selfie,” “love,” or maybe even “Friends”.

Don’t you just love “Selfies, love and Friends

Also built into the invention is a large LCD-like screen, so one can see what they are typing. What is also novel about this machine is that it’s made of clear plexi-glass, each time you depress a letter you get to see the liquid being injected into your drink. I think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde would have loved to use this device.

HydeWith Brew

A Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde moment

By simply typing different words this crazy invention can create some fun and original cocktails. Morskoiboy created a video that shows all the details in how he came up with the idea to build his invention. If you are interested in a more detailed explanation go to his website here.


Morskoiboy at work

Firstly the inventor connects a bottle of liquid to the top of the machine, with the bottle being placed upside-down. This liquid will be the basic one in further drinks that one would make after pressing certain keys. The flow of the liquid can be switched on and off with the help of an IV rate flow regulator. Be careful this isn’t a deep sea dive, but a bad case of the bends could still be the result.


Don’t ya hate the bends?

A syringe is tied up to each key. The syringes include different types of colored syrups or liqueurs. After pressing a key, the contents of the syringe flow into a splitter. From there the liquid runs through several tubules and into the screen.


Don’t get your wires crossed

Depending on the letter pressed, different sections of that screen will be filled with liquid. Each letter has a specific amount of sections. The letter A, such as, features seven segments, which means that the liquid from the A key’s syringe would part into 7 tubules, each tubules filling a certain segment. It is also possible to control the speed of flow using the regulators found on the side of the device.


Party is at my house, and you are invited

The last part of the process is when the liquid from the tubules mixes with the liquid from the bottle and then is poured into a glass from the machine’s side. The inventor suggests that each letter can be associated with a certain taste – L-Lime, A-Apple – color R-Red, G-Green, or name K-Kahlua, J-Jagermeister.



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