Language Matters: Do You Sound Like Yourself?


With each word in this post, I felt pressure coming off my shoulders. My back is a little straighter I’m not crazy, I’m just in the process of learning to jump a wall just a little taller than myself. I must admit it only feels like I’m just breaking dirt. The soil is rocky on top, sitting over a gold mine. The pick in my hand doesn’t seem to be doing the job except breaking up the monolithic rocks in my mind. What I am finding is that I have to change what’s already up there first, before I plant the seeds to my second garden. Anyway, I’m going to be using this post to teach my students. Hope you don’t mind. Excellent job exposing the difficulties in learning a new language.Just hoping the other side of the wall isn’t just another pasture but a home to dwell in.

Lady Of The Cakes

I whine and I complain. Although I know darn well that there’s no point. The only thing that will fix it is time, patience, and perseverance.

I’m talking about my Spanish.

At this stage, I’m not exactly getting a lot of sympathy either. The consensus among my Spanish friends’ seems to be that my Spanish is “good”.

That’s very nice of them, I appreciate the thumbs up, but I don’t agree, and it’s got nothing to do with false modesty. They are, of course, comparing their English to my Spanish, and, generally, their English is a lot better than my Spanish was before I moved to Spain, even though I’d been studying, on and off, for years. In other words, they are comparing apples to oranges.

But I digress. I wasn’t really sure how to convey the nature of my discontent succinctly, until, about a month ago, I came across…

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