Giving a peek into my “novelette”.

Under the Blood Moon


Chapter One

In a tiny village in the foothills of the Altai mountains the cry of a newborn baby could be heard. It wasn’t unusual to hear a child when it was born, to the neighbors closet to the home this was normal, but this wasn’t any ordinary birth. The moon was just beginning to rise over the snow capped mountains. The air was crisp as fresh snow blanketed the trees, homes, and everything else creating a incredible calm over the village. The cries started slowly at first and those closest knew the latest newcomer had arrived. Mothers who weren’t in attendance quickly gathered what was necessary for such an event. What happened next no one excepted. The moon itself was no ordinary moon, it was a blood moon. An occurrence that had happened only a few times in their history and no one living had ever seen one. The cries grew ever louder as the moon crested the mountains and bathed everything in crimson red light. It was as if the birth didn’t belong just to the mother, the spirit of mother earth  herself was there.

blood red moon

Thus was born the one who would lead his people from obscurity, bringing a new light and new message to the world. The only one who had any knowledge about the chain of events was silent, for she was exhausted from giving birth to her first son. She had been visited three times by the spirits telling her of who she was giving birth to, Shavet was to be his name, came the message of the first visiting spirit. The second and third spirits shared who he was and readied her with the knowledge to raise him. All three gave grave words about staying quiet about the true nature of who was to arrive soon. It was only after the third visit that she understood the gravity, at which time she vowed never utter a word about what she had heard. She new the legends of her people all the people did, why was she chosen echoed through her mind. She would soon find out, no sooner than the last spirit left,  her labor pains grew in intensity.

This is a small sample of what I’m writing. It would be nice to hear your thoughts of the beginning of  “Under the Blood Moon”.


11 thoughts on “Giving a peek into my “novelette”.

  1. You are a very talented writer. I love your usage of details without overwhelming the reader. Also, I could visualize the scene as you wrote it. Wonderful! 🙂

      1. You’re very welcome. Please continue to do so. I know how hard it is to “put yourself out there” because I’ve had trouble with it myself.

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