Mirror Reflections – Niger & Russia


Life in Niger

We’ve made the trip between Maradi and Niamey, Niger over the last 15 years countless times.  Literally.  But I don’t believe I’ve ever dedicated a blog post specifically to the trip.  So here goes.

Niamey, the capital of Niger, is located in the south-western part of the country.  The majority of the population also lies on the southern border, known as the Sahel Region.  Not many people live up in the north, because that’s the Sahara Desert.  So this journey takes us about halfway through the country, from West to East, along the Southern border.

Niger Map

We once completed the 388 mile road trip  in 6 hours 45 minutes.  That was years ago. And I know that’s not going to win the Indy, but when compared to our longest time…. What was our longest time you ask?  Well that’s up for debate.  Do you count the trip with the 6 flat tires?  Or the one where the front tire actually flew off the vehicle?  Or what about the time the whole thing seized up and we had to leave our vehicle on the road and take public transport the rest of the way home? Or how about when the brakes went out and we had to completely turn around and go home to get them fixed and leave again the next day?   I could go on.   But I won’t………..

Thoughts from “Life in Russia”

This is a great blog, the author has a great sense of humor, you will find lots of pictures and just plain great information about the country and people. It’s all about the culture right? Anyways enjoy, I did.

Visit: http://dchilds.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/a-journey-through-the-desert/



Life in Russia

Seven years have passed since Marc and Kellye Hook sold their home in Middleburg, Fla., and moved to Russia with their three kids. Their mission: to reach out to people for Jesus Christ through church planting and mass evangelism.

“We had to leave our life in America,” said Kellye. “We sold everything, sold our house, gave away the cats and moved to Russia.”

The move was initiated after Marc had a vision for Sochi three years after Russia was chosen to host the Winter Olympic Games.

“The Olympics is an important time in the life of a city—an opportunity to engage people not just during the Olympics, but before, during and after,” said Kellye. “If there’s a chance to share the Gospel with people and to disciple them to help the church in some way, then it’s worth the chance.”

The Hooks are members of the Southern Baptist Convention, which claims to be the largest Evangelical denomination in the United States with a total of 16 million members. With the help of churches through the International Mission Board, the Hooks formed Engage Sochi.

The missionary group’s purpose goes beyond the Games.

“The target is Sochi. The people who live here, who work here, the church that’s here, to strengthen it, to partner with it, is really our focus,” said Kellye. “Every city deserves someone who loves it. If we are who we say we are, then every city, every person deserves the chance to know who Jesus is…………

Visit: http://sochi.bsuatthegames.com/spreading-the-gospel-to-the-people-of-sochi/


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