Mirror Reflections – Kenya and Russia

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Thoughts of an Expat

I had an epiphany while putting this post together. Why is there such a fight over the rights of a woman to be able to have an abortion? I believe it perfectly understandable if the mother is at risk, but in the reality of things how often does this happen?  It’s staggering to see the numbers of abortions that are performed all around the world including Russia, the U.S., and other countries.  In the U.S the numbers are around 800,000 abortions a year. This is equal to the population of Alaska. It seems that abortion rates in Russia have plummeted from were they once where and are currently running equal to the U.S. Then there is Kenya, abortions here are at a staggering 400,000. The sum between them is 2,000,000. How does this relate to my epiphany? See I had this thought of how concerned the world is about protecting the environment, protecting endangered species, being in the red book of species, and on and on. Has anyone stopped to think we should be thinking the same way about unborn children?Where is their “Red Book”? All the big cats in the world today don’t number two million, yet two million unborn children don’t seem to have the same voice. Why? Aren’t they just as valuable? We look at the cubs of Cheetahs and Tigers and think how precious they are. And they are! So……


Life in Kenya

A ceramic box in the shape of Africa adorns my bookshelf. The lid is locked, until you lift one piece. The country of Kenya unlocks the box.

The salesman in Nairobi told me what it signifies: Kenya is the key to Africa.

This may come true regarding abortion. Right now, the two sides are battling it out in Kenya — and showing African countries where the two paths lead.

The violent campaign in 2010 for a new Constitution that opened the door to abortion signaled trouble. Parliament members were arrested for opposing the Constitution. A peaceful pro-life prayer service against the Constitution was wracked by two bombs, killing six and injuring 100 people.

After the Constitution passed, abortion advocates worked aggressively yet surreptitiously, attempting to intertwine abortion into Kenya’s health system.

You can read about this in today’s Friday Fax “Kenyans Defeat Western Effort to Expand Abortion.”……………..

Visit: http://www.turtlebayandbeyond.org/2014/abortion/kenya-unlocks-the-contrast-of-pro-life-vs-abortion/



Life in Russia

Notes from Vladivostok Mission: 1,000 Babies

Earlier this year [meaning 2012], the pro-life community in Southeast Russia celebrated a significant milestone. It was the birth of a baby boy, Denis Maltsev. What as so important about little Denis? He was the 1,000th baby brought into this world through the efforts of the Adopt-a-Birth program in Vladivostok.
The Adopt-a-Birth program is the brainchild of Fr. Myron Effing, CJD. It allows donors to help cover the basic medical expenses of Russian women who have chosen not to abort their children. The program works through the Church’s network of pro-life centers.
It may take several more years, but center staff will look forward to welcoming the 2,00th baby one day. For info on this program and how you can support is, go to http://www.vladmission.org.

Visit: http://www.catholicsun.org/2013/01/18/pro-life-feats-in-russia/

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