Mirror Reflections – Angola & Russia


Life in Angola

Angola is home to some relatively unknown treasures of this world. As spectacular as any other world-wonder, the Black Rocks of Pungo Andongo rise up majestically over the African savanne landscape. Known locally as the Pedras Negras de Pungo Andongo, these rocks are one of the main tourist sites of the Malanje province. They are steeped in history and intrigue, since no one really knows how the colossal rocks, some up to 200 metres high, came to be here as their geological formation is out of keeping with the surrounding savannah.

Legend has it that in the sixteenth century, Pungo Andongo was the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Ndongo ruled by King Ngola Kiluanji and Queen Ginga Mbandi. Rock carvings found there are said to represent footprints of the fleeing queen who was disturbed by soldiers as she bathed in a stream at the foot of the stones………..


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Life in Kyrgystan

Djety Oguz, the extraordinary ‘Valley of Seven Bulls‘, is famous for its unusually bright, red sandstone rock formations. Some of the valley’s most celebrated landmarks include the ‘broken heart’ (a crimson, heart-shaped precipice), the ‘dragon’s lair’ (an spectacular, deep sandy canyon) and, of course, the ‘seven bulls’ themselves (a row of crags dominating the Djety Oguz Valley). Centuries of snow and wind have eroded the rock face and multiplied the bulls from seven to nine, but Djety Oguz remains no less impressive. These remarkable cliffs and their surrounding plateaux and valleys make a popular day trip from Karakol.
Numerous legends tell of how the valley and its curious rock formations were created. The Russian writer and explorer, Ivan Sokolov-Mikitov recounted the most famous local story.

Visit: http://turkestan.biz/en/travel-in-turkestan/about-kyrgizstan/djety-oguz

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