Russian Cold War Ingenuity

Corkscrew Tank

MVScrew1During the cold war era, Russia came up with a novel propulsion drive that involved the corkscrew. The concept itself is extraordinary given the time period and circumstances. It was developed to move across rough and uneven terrain, swampy conditions that other systems just couldn’t handle.


It’s maneuverability gave it the ability to move sideways, over icy conditions, it could move over choppy water and just about everything else that was asked of it. This vehicle was more than likely designed to operate inside Russia since under ideal conditions it was just plain awkward. The designer also wasn’t thinking much about comfort since it doesn’t have any kind of suspension per say. Looking at it conjures up the thoughts that belongs in a James Bond movie with it’s futuristic concept. But sadly it only made it through experimental stages and never got to see any action. One thing is for sure, Russian ingenuity found a unique way of using corkscrew design.

One of the more interesting things that came from investigating this Russian oddity was that in the Red Alert II which is a real-time strategy computer game. One of the designs that was used for the game was based on this corkscrew drive. Even though the first concept wasn’t chosen a very interesting idea was used that has a similar propulsion system that can be seen in the following picture.



7 thoughts on “Russian Cold War Ingenuity

    1. Oh it’s real. Crazy real when it comes to Russia ingenuity that is. The blur comes from the online reality games that are played. Anyway glad you like the post.

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