Mirror Reflections – Gibraltar & Russia

Gibraltar Upper rock

Life in Gibraltar

The Gibraltarians have lived on the Rock since 1704 when the King of Spain ceded it to Great Britain under the Treaty of Utrecht . The Spanish government has wanted it back ever since. The Gibraltarians have refused to give in to these demands. Spain’s answer to this has been to strong arm the citizens of this tiny British territory relentlessly. They have refused to recognize Gibraltar’s government in any shape or form. For the last 16 years the Spanish government has closed the border completely severing families. These families have literally stood on either side of this border just to catch a glimpse of a loved one, screaming out messages because the government has even cut the phone lines. This might be understood between North Korea and South Korea but this is Europe, these sort of things don’t happen in civilized countries, right? Think again, it happened here and is going on. I find it quite interesting that Britain will support it’s own citizens here, but refuse to recognize the similarities going on in Crimea. The following link shares the story of Anna Garcia, she’s a Gibraltrian with a story you must hear.

Visit: http://mrsoaroundtheworld.com/2013/08/05/the-gibraltar-story-told-by-a-gibraltarian-ana-garcia-isola/


Life in Crimea

So I find myself back writing about Crimea, curiously this happened because “Gibraltar” recently appeared on my revolver map. Each time this happens I become curious about whose visiting my blog and why. It seems these two have some commonalities, or at least they do in my mind. See Crimea used to be a part of Russia, it wasn’t until 1954 Ukraine gained leadership over Crimea. Russia like Spain has wanted it back ever since. The difference here as I see it is that neither Russia nor Ukraine has used the strong-arm tactics Spain has used. In a referendum on December 1, 1991, more than 90 percent of the Ukrainian population voted for independence, and within a week, Yeltsin recognized Ukraine’s independence unconditionally. I’d like to state at this point I’m not a politician nor am I trying to take side in this issue. What I am trying to show is that in each case it has been a decision by the people of their respective countries making these choices. Recently Crimea by referendum made the decision to return to Russia, shouldn’t they as a people be allowed to make this decision for themselves? Britain supported Gibraltar because the Gibraltarians are British despite what the Spanish government has done. Shouldn’t Russia be given these same privileges? Those who are in Crimea think so. The deciding factor will be how Ukraine  responds. In conclusion isn’t what Spain has done far worse than what has happened in  Crimea? Let hope that all involved in this issue will use wisdom in the decisions that are made in the future.

Visit: http://belfercenter.hks.harvard.edu/publication/2934/



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8 thoughts on “Mirror Reflections – Gibraltar & Russia

      1. No, everybody can get in. I’m German, but I was in the car with Spanish friends. They check your IDs, but not very carefully. Gibraltar is part of the EU, and everyone with an EU passport/ID is free to come and go as they please. Or work there. It is the law, they cannot stop us.

      2. Yeah, that must be referring to a past epoch… there certainly is plenty of diplomatic friction between the Uk and Spain over Gibraltar, but the only thing they can do is make the border controls last for an annoying amount of time, and seeing as many Spaniards commute to work into Gibraltar every day, having to wait in line for two hours each way is a major hassle. When we went there a week ago, it took 10 mins to get in, but we waited almost an hour on the way out, as they were searching each and every car trunk. For illegal immigrants from Africa, probably…

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