Mirror Reflections – Djibouti & Russia


Life in Djibouti

In over 34 years of life I have never been pickpocketed, not even in London. Well, that changed yesterday as I was strolling through the central market of Djibouti City. I would say that I’m a very savvy traveller on the whole and I thought pickpocketing was something that happened to naïve tourists in the likes of the medinas of Morocco or the New York subway.

I was well aware that there was a man close behind me as I wandered past fruit stalls and yelling knick-knack peddlers so I stopped abruptly to throw him off and that’s when he made his move. It was a pathetic attempt, to be honest, and all he got was a receipt for a can of coke and a list of a few shops I had to visit (after all, a savvy traveller would never walk through a market with anything valuable in an easy to reach pocket!)…………..

Visit: http://ecaintlblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/djibouti-a-nation-of-qat-lovers/



Life in Russia

Today, the Sami People celebrate their national day.  To honor their heritage and culture, I thought I’d share a couple of beautiful joiks sung by a Swedish/Sami artist, Sofia Jannok.  For those of you who have never heard this music genre, you are in for a treat………………..

Visit: http://experiencenorthcape.wordpress.com/2014/02/06/honoring-the-sami-people-on-their-national-day/

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