Mirror Reflections – Tajikistan & Russia

tajikistan_pamiro_alai_4_by_melissa_sama-d2zazfhPhoto by: Melissa-sama

Life in Tajikistan


The traditions and culture in Tajikistan are different and similar at the same time, the same as it is in many different countries all over the world. But Tajikistan is a small mountainous country and many of its spots and areas were quite isolated (some areas – very isolated) just before the 20th century.

The flat areas and big cities were often times under “press” of continue invasions of different cultures and ethnics. As result,

You may see people with very different features, from Mongolian (North, North-West and South) type to typical European (Kohistan, Badakhshan). Definitely, the Tajik culture had some influence of other cultures, but in its origin this is a culture

of Iranian people; in language, music, behavior, architecture and etc. At present, it is much related to so-called Islamic culture, although there are still remains of pre-islamic culture, which is “adapted” to Islamic traditions (such as deep trust in holy places – mazars, and Holy Spirit; “clean” and “unclean” animals and men, solar symbols in handicrafts and traditional clothes, traditional architecture and etc.). In Soviet time many traditions were almost disappeared. So, many historical and traditional things might be seen in museums only.

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The following video is fascinating, rich in information about Tajikistan. Enjoy!


Life in Russia

 Altai Republic

On a recent trip to the Altai, I was disconnected from my office – and everything else that I could not see with my own eyes. Instead, I could contemplate the silence of cedar forests, the grace of wild horses cantering through alpine meadows, and the beauty of glacier-fed rivers cutting through the republic’s rugged mountains.

Lost for centuries in a mountainous cleft between Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia, the Altai features Siberia’s tallest mountain, Mount Belukha. To Buddhist visitors, Belukha’s twin, snowy peaks form the gateway to Shambhala, a mythical “Pure Land” of peace, tranquillity and happiness.

With its 4,500-metre (14,780ft) high peaks and steep valleys, the Altai has always been the end of the road. Absorbed by tsarist Russia 250 years ago to define an imperial border with China, Altai’s peoples were largely left alone.

To this day, the Altai Republic is one of only a handful of Russia’s 83 regions which has never been penetrated by a railway…….

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Yet another incredible video on the Altai Republic. Enjoy!


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