Top Secret Abandoned Submarine Base in the Ukraine – Part II

Object “221”


Another Secret Base Found

In course of recent events, another secret base of the former Soviet Union comes to light. In Crimea near Balaklava where a top-secret submarine base is  already located this second site “Object 221” has been discovered. This second bunker was planned to protect the upper élite of Black Sea naval forces. This fortress is positioned on Mt. Mishan, a mountain that has no know fault lines. A perfect and very strategic place to have built it. The distance between to two bases may seem great but considering the subway systems that are in Moscow and Kiev it’s not impossible to believe that they could have planned to connect the two.

View from Mt. Mishen down to where the secret submarine base lies.
View from Mt. Mishen down to where the secret submarine base lies.

What was the final goal?

Looking at the schematic drawings it’s not hard to believe that the architects and engineers might have had this in mind. If this four level bunker was to house these officers and commanders it could have been in the thoughts to transport them safely from one base to the other. What better way to reach this goal then to create an underground route. When you look at the drawings it can be seen at the end of the structure, a diagonal shaft is partly shown. Could this have been the beginnings of the descent that would have taken them into the subway system., the result being to connect the two?


The Heart of the Communication Center

Originally they drilled two vertical 180 meter air intake shafts, and then work began on the horizontal tunnels. The total area of ​​” object 221 ” is almost 14 thousand square meters . The whole complex is on four levels, on the third level was supposed to be the  Computer Center with all the latest equipment , the heart or communication center was also on this level , the satellite towers (as seen) were to help keep contact with the navy anywhere in the world’s oceans. The entire complex was wired with intricate electricity and plumbing, on the other two levels were the kitchens, dining rooms and other life support systems. All the underground tunnels and rooms would have been occupied by hundreds of specialists to keep this labyrinth operating and self-sustained for years if necessary.


Masters of Deception

Not unlike other sites that are riddled throughout Russia and Ukraine the architects planned not only the underground structures with finesse but also the above ground buildings as well. In keeping with the rest of the buildings near “Object 221” they are randomly placed around the entrances, even approaching from below no one would believe they are arriving at such an object . It’s easy to see that Russian architects are masters of deception.

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The Base from the outside

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The Labyrinth inside

So the real question remains, was the final objective to connect the submarine base and Object 221 together? We may never know…………..but many questions still remain. In the mean time…………………..


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