Mirror Reflections – Morocco & Russia


Life in Morocco

There is something romantic and mysterious about Morocco, it’s a land of deserts and high mountains all found in one place. It’s shores and beaches fall on both the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans.  In Morocco they have a new strap line “The country that Travels within you” It’s easy to understand this when seeing the wonder and beauty of this country. Nestled in the Northwestern tip of Africa, Morocco is in so many ways is truly a country set apart by the majestic Atlas Mountains and the vast Sahara Desert.

Morocco is a part of Africa but it’s climate, geography, and history are more closely related to the Mediterranean than to the rest of the continent. In the north, its fine beaches, lush highland valleys, and evocative old cities reinforce this impression. Yet, as one moves south and east, into and over the starkly beautiful ranges of the Atlases, Morocco’s Mediterranean character melts away like a mirage. The Sahara stretches out to the horizon, and forbidding kasbahs stare.

If there was ever a place for those who are romantics at heart this is the country to visit. The mountains and deserts are a must to visit but one shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Morocco’s great old cities like Tangiers and Casablanca, both have long associated with expatriates and French colonial charm. However, there might be a more appealing choice like wandering through the labyrinthine streets and passages of the centuries-old medinas that offer endless possibilities for exploration in the ancient imperial cities of the interior like Fes, Meknes, and Marrakesh.

Visit: http://www.visitmorocco.com/index.php/eng/stories/The-country-that-Travels-within-you


Life in Russia

On the other hand Russia doesn’t away conjure up a sense of romance but remains quite mysterious. It brings out the adventurousness from deep with inside one’s self, it’s a place that can bring on the adrenaline rush for those who are into extreme sports. Deep within the Siberian interior where many think there’s endless taiga lies the intriguing Chara Sands, mysterious and even foreboding.

Surrounded by awe inspiring snow capped mountains, frozen blue lakes, ice fields, your nostrils will be filled with crisp clean air. It’s here one will find themselves in the Trans-Baikal region, within a single days reach one will find themselves standing on the Kodar Glaciers fulfilling the deep urges for those who seek this kind of adventure.

Frozen in time, loneliness will be your companion here, the lack of sound will attack your soul and bring out your deepest thoughts. It might even change you as a person soaking in all this incredible splendor understanding that the very fabric existence is a very thin line indeed. One does not come here for romance but to answer the questions that rest deep within the soul. If you are a brave soul this spot is for you.

Visit: http://www.56thparallel.com/chara-sands/

Also visit:

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