Mirror Reflections – Montenegro & Crimea

montenegro bridge

Life in Montenegro

Secret Walled Garden

Arriving in Montenegro for the first time is like entering one of those secret walled gardens. You feel a real sense of adventure as your adrenaline perks up. The land feels like it has not quite yet been discovered; there are no eight lane highways like the French Riviera or bullet trains which the movie Casino Royale placed in its Montenegrin set. There is a simple two lane road called the Adriatic Highway which stretches along the coast connecting this storied place to Croatia in the North and Albania to the South.

Driving in to the Bay of Kotor from Dubrovnik or coming down the mountains to the coast from the capital city Podgorica, you cannot help but be in awe of the stunning backdrop of ocean and mountains. Centuries of history add even more gorgeous ingredients to the mix. Evidence of ancient Venetian and Ottoman rulers intersects with the more modern Socialist Yugoslavia era utilitarian architecture………….

Visit: http://montenegroliving.blogspot.ru/2012/08/secret-walled-garden.html


bridge in Crimea

Life in Crimea

Amira’s family lives in Crimea, Ukraine in a city called Simferopol. Eastern European tourists already long loved the peninsula due to it’s very mild climate. Little by little Western visitors are discovering for themselves the exceptional hospitality of the people there. A long tradition in history and culture, untouched endless nature, beautiful shores, mild winters and warm summers shaped an atmosphere where visitors are welcome and find peace, listening with a glass of red wine to the sound or the waves of the Black Sea.

For the last three years Amira’s family is living here, in a small house in the outskirts of Simferopol. It’s still common here, that an entire family with several generations shares a home. People care for one another, families are close and their bonds are tightly woven. Amira and her brother are loving it to have Granpa and Grandma always at hand. – Even harder it is for everybody, when the family has to be apart, like now, with Amira in hospital.

Visit: http://helpamiraeng.wordpress.com/amira/amiras-home-crimea-ukraine/

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