Mirror Reflections – Lesotho & Russia


Life in Lesotho

First I need to say that I’ve never heard of Lesotho before today. But as I’ve done a bit of reading and surfing the internet I think I’ve found South Africa’s little gem. It’s easy to notice that the two waterfalls are not really mirror images of one another but both hold tremendous beauty. If I ever get a chance to visit this tiny country nestled inside of South Africa I hope I get the chance to photograph the beauty of this waterfall. This particular one is called Maletsunyane falls. As I often do I’m going to introduce you to someone who writes about Lesotho, in finding her I also found a game reserve on her blog that is stunning. It’s well worth viewing her blog and seeing the pictures. So without further ado here’s a short excerpt from her blog and a link.

The Jackal’s Den

Situated on a small game reserve bordered by the Blyde river, 23km’s outside of Hoedspruit.
The game reserve is a birders paradise.
Animals on the game farm: jackal, giraffe, wildebeest, zebra, kudu, nyala, ostrich, impala, waterbuck, hippo, crocodile, honey badger, civet and many more.

Visit: http://slowvelder.wordpress.com/jackals-den-bb/

Here’s a short video about Lesotho.


Life in Karelia

It’s a bit, shall we say, counter-intuitive. You tiptoe onto a frozen river. The ice gets thinner. Instead of being sensible, you carry on walking. The ice splinters, then cracks. It’s a horror story. You plunge in and moments later you are floating like a corpse, downstream towards Russia.

This is a Finnish idea of fun, from the people who brought you the pleasures of running around naked in the snow, beating yourself with birch twigs… The Rapids Floating Programme requires you to encase yourself in a rubbery airtight suit, lie on your back and let the current cradle you as you drift downstream. You are perfectly safe and conscious, if a bit cold. The small town of Kuhmo drifts by and pretty soon the soles of your boots are pointing towards the wilderness of Karelia…………..

Visit: http://highlife.ba.com/News-And-Blogs/Adventure-Blog/Karelia-Europes-last-wilderness.html

This short video on Karelia is absolutely stunning, hope you enjoy.

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