So you want to be a Medieval Hermit, do you?

Could “YOU” live without your TV?


Could “YOU” live in the Middle Ages?

Fifty miles outside of Moscow, Pavel Sapozhnikov, 24, from the same city made the decision to do just that. In what started as a social experiment turned into an eight month grueling ordeal. He made the decision to live like his ancestors did on a replica of an ancient farm.


He is only allowed to leave the fenced-off area of the farm to hunt and gather food, is banned from any kind of communication, and can only use authentic tools from ancient Russia.


Could “YOU” live without your Cellphone?

While living in these conditions he isn’t allowed to leave the compound except to hunt and gather food. Communication of any kind is forbidden (ouch no cell phone), to keep it absolutely authentic he will only be able to use tools that were used in ancient Russia (no chainsaws).

Could “YOU” live without your Refrigerator?

Using a camera and notepad, and posting it on the project’s blog at the start of the project, Sapozhnikov was given the chance to document a single day. According to the blog, Sapozhnikov spends the morning milking goats, preparing chickens, collecting eggs and eating breakfast, he then chops wood for the fire and collects water from the well.

Are you willing to do hard manual labor?

The rest of the day is spent either hunting for food, or carrying out manual labour on the farm. This includes insulating the house with manure.

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5 thoughts on “So you want to be a Medieval Hermit, do you?

  1. My cell phone I could live without no problem. Can I have a hot bath? I could have done it in my 20’s but now I’ll stick with the comforts of home! (Even my dog agrees with me, but then he usually does 🙂

    1. So he doesn’t want to “wroof” it. Oh well, in Russian we have a word, “Ladna” which means Oh well, it’s is what it is. Living a hard life in today’s world seems so far away. There’s no romance in it.

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