This is why I love living here so much. Pancakes are sooooo……….good here.

Glorialana Magazine

Hello God!

Thank You for Maslenitsa. My generous Soul is raised from the rich mix of Belorussian, Russian and Polish roots and Joy is in my heart now because of celebrating the most wonderful week in a year.“Maslenitsa,” or “Pancake Week,” began yesterday, on March 24 this year.


Pancakes are made every day during the week, starting Monday, but most of all from Thursday to Sunday. Pancake-making is a pagan tradition that goes way back in Russian history. It is the pagan sun god “Yarilo” who banishes the winter darkness, and the round golden pancake is meant to represent the sun. Below you see the schedule of the week.


French “Vendeur de beignets” means a seller of crepes or pancakes. He is waited for in every house now. 


We are welcoming spring and all about the enlivening of nature and bounty of sunny warmth. Thank you for celebrating with me. The…

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