Sunrise to Sunset – Khabarovsk, RU and Portsmouth, NH

Edition 7

111Sunrise over Khabarovsk, RU

Facts about Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk was founded in 1858 when N.N.Muraviev, the then Governor-General of the Eastern Siberia, decided to start a settlement here and call it Khabarovsk after Yerofey Khabarov, a prominent Russian explorer of Far East region in 17 century. The present-day area of the city is about 35 thousand hectares. It stretches along the Amur-River for more than 50 kilometers. The population of Khabarovsk is about 600 000.

Khabarovsk lies on the right bank of the mighty river, 40 km below the confluence of the Amur and Ussuri. These two rivers form a natural setting for a borderline between Russia and China. A number of river islets near Khabarovsk that occupy all total 450 sq. km in the area between the Amur main channel and Amur tributary, into which the Ussuri River flows, were the subject of the Chinese long-cherished lust. In the beginning of 2005 Kremlin presented a part of our territory to China. Many local citizens didn’t agree with it’s decision, therefore sometimes “gloomy clouds are gathering over the Amur-River” (from a popular song)…………


333Sunset over Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Facts about Portsmouth

The land now called New Hampshire has been inhabited for about 12,000 years. For centuries, bands of prehistoric Native American Indians migrated along New Hampshire’s rivers and lake shores, variously fishing, hunting, gathering wild nuts and berries, and planting crops. Having no written language, these early inhabitants are known today primarily through archaeological investigations.

European interest in New Hampshire dates from the 1500s, when French and English ships explored the coast of North America. By approximately 1600, Englishmen were fishing off the New England coast seasonally, using the Isles of Shoals for temporary shelter and to dry their catch.

New Hampshire’s first permanent European settlement began in 1623. In the wake of native populations, largely decimated by European diseases, English traders and fishermen settled at Odiorne Point in present-day Rye, and on Dover Point. By 1640, New Hampshire’s Seacoast was divided among four towns or “plantations,” Dover, Portsmouth, Exeter, and Hampton. Inhabitants of these towns, along with settlers in southern Maine, chose to be part of Massachusetts for much of the 1600s, but in 1680, New Hampshire became a separate province………


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4 thoughts on “Sunrise to Sunset – Khabarovsk, RU and Portsmouth, NH

  1. I learned a lot in this post!
    And the photos are stunning!
    I like to take sunrise and sunset walks. I like to think about how everyone in the world can watch the “sun-shows” each day…and I hope the spectacular sights make them smile, like they make me smile.
    How are you doing?
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    1. The trip to Cyprus was incredible. The island is so rich in history. Will return again. I’m glad you enjoy the posts. Personally I love sunsets, but rarely see the sun come up cause I’m always checking the insides of my eyelids at that time. Hugs from the Grizz in Russia.

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