Mirror Reflections – Aland Islands and Russia


Life in Aland Islands

(Islands of Peace)

They are demilitarised, and “collectively constitute the smallest region of Finland”. So this small place, is mottoed “Islands of Peace”. Just that, to me, is an inspiration. For it is often from the smallest of places, people, and communities, that we receive the examples of who and what we can be.

Personally, I sense this is an indication that we are close to becoming a “Planet of Peace”. We may even call this Gaia planet, just as the Åland Islands do, an “Island of Peace”, amongst a Galaxy of Peace………

Visit: http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2012/06/11/the-aland-islands-motto-islands-of-peace/

Here’s a short video on the islands



Life in the Solovetsky Islands

Last month our boss took a group of us to the Solovetsky, or Solovki, Islands for a few days.  These islands of great natural beauty with a long, important and diverse cultural, spiritual and historical heritage lie in the White Sea, one hundred miles south of the Arctic Circle, and a three hour boat trip from Archangel, Russia’s most northern seaport.

We flew in an old 30 seat, chartered plane, that did cause us to remark on all the recent plane crashes in Russia over the last few months, but we arrived safely and without any incident!

As we flew in over the sea, and then the flat, densely forested islands, with many sparkling lakes and inlets, I began to get excited.  This was a side of Russia we had not yet seen, so we were discovering another, very remote part of this country we live in.  We had been warned about the weather, that it would probably be very cold, gray and wet, and had been issued with a long list of what kind of clothing to bring.  Luckily we had most of it already………

Visit: http://messagefrommoscow.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/solovetsky-islands/

Here’s a short video on the islands


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