Mirror Reflections – Solomon Islands & Russia

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated with different cultures. These two in particular held my attention wondering why they were the way they were. The first because of the blonde hair and blue eyes, the second because they were Caucasian in origin.  They have resurfaced first of all because for the first time the someone from the islands visited my blog. Second, well I just love a mystery and it seems that at least one has been solved, while the other has some very interesting roots. I hope you find the following information as interesting as I have.

Solomon Island people

People of the Solomon Islands

It seems that Ireland and the Solomon Island have something in common. The percentage of blondes on either island is about the same. This frequency falls between 5 and 10 percent across the Solomon Islands, which is about the same for Ireland. The reasons behind it are similar also, these blonde haired inhabitants of the Solomon Islands are very dark-skinned which has puzzled scientists for decades. New research has revealed these causes. They have found that the islanders have a ‘homegrown’ gene that gives them blond hair – and it’s different from the one in Europeans. In the past it was believed that this might have evolved from European seafarers The Islanders themselves believe the blond hair comes from the sun, or possibly from their rich diet of seafood.

Researcher, Eimear Kenny, PhD, found within a week their initial results. It was such a striking signal that pointed to a single gene — a result you could hang your hat on. This rarely happens in science,’ said Kenny.

Further research revealed that the particular variant responsible for blond hair in the Solomon Islands is absent in the genomes of Europeans. ‘So the human characteristic of blond hair arose independently in equatorial Oceania. That’s quite unexpected and fascinating,’ Kenny said.

A traditionally dressed Ainu woman takes part in a salmon ceremonyAinu People of the Kuril Islands, Russia

The Ainu are an indigenous ethnic group of people who live in Hokkaido in Japan today as well as in Russia (the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin). In the 19th Century, Japanese people called the northern island of Hokkaido “Ezochi” which means “Land of the Ainu”. The term Ainu generally referred to the fair-skinned, long-haired hunter-gatherer-fishering people with animistic beliefs who had lived there for hundreds of years.

From the 15th century, waves of Japanese settlers began crowding out Ainu communities on Honshu island and pushing them northwards. The settlers also brought infectious diseases that caused Ainu populations to fall. Ainu land was redistributed to Japanese farmers…..

Visit: http://heritageofjapan.wordpress.com/just-what-was-so-amazing-about-jomon-japan/1-temp-from-africa-to-east-asia-the-tale-of-migration-and-origins-emerges-from-our-mitochondria-dna/origins-of-the-jomon-jomon-connections-with-the-continent-and-with-todays-japanese/who-are-the-ainu-people/



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