Parting shots of Cyprus

It’s been an amazing two weeks here on Cyprus. We have been able to visit so  many wonderful places, enjoy fantastic food, meet great people, and just relax in the warm sunshine of Cyprus. So I thought I would share with you a few parting shoots of Cyprus.

IMG_7674Art walls downtown Limassol

IMG_7622_optBlack and White of Pedulas church, Cyprus








15 thoughts on “Parting shots of Cyprus

      1. I expect it has changed, but it always was a great place to be. You must have had a really great time. I used to love the old men (figure of speech) sitting outside playing backgammon (or something similar). And, I missed the smell of jasmine for years. 🙂

      2. I didn’t get to smell the jasmine, but seeing the orange trees everywhere was fascinating. They have them like there like we have apple trees here. I really think I love the mountains the best. The beaches were beautiful too, just a mountain lover.

      3. I remember the oranges well. We used to drive through orange groves to get to school. …and the mountains – we used to go skiing in Troodos. It was extraordinary being in the snow with the beaches below in the distance. The olive groves were very memorable, too.

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