Sunrise to Sunset – Sochi and Soldotna

Sunrise to Sunset

Fifth Edition

101622945Sunrise over Sochi, Russia

In 1980 the Soviet Union hosted the Olympic Summer Games, several days ago the Russian Federation had it’s opening ceremonies celebrating the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. The sun is certainly rising over Sochi which boasts a comfortable population of about 400,000 people. It lies with Krasnodar region which is the third largest region in Russia and will certainly become a future destination point for those who plan to visit Russia. This edition of Sunrise to Sunset is dedicated to all the athletes competing at this year’s winter Olympics. That they will help the world see things in a whole new light.


Sunset over Soldotna, Alaska

What is most incredible is the fact that from Sochi’s sunrise the sun won’t be found setting anywhere over the lower 48 states. It takes the far reaches of Alaska for this to happen. In the reality of things it may also have set over Soldotna, but I will leave that for other to contend. This small city lies in the very heart of the beautiful Kenai Peninsula! The winter Olympics are not being held here but the beauty of this area attracts many fisherman and hunters alike.


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