Step into my office……….and leave your worries behind

The birth place of Aphrodite


Walking through this tunnel (or maybe it’s a portal in time) brings you to the birth place of Aphrodite. If you are barefoot your mind will not be on the sand or the pebbles stubbing your feet, but the beauty of the surroundings. Your mind will erupt with thoughts, what was she thinking when she stepped out of the azure blue sea. Certainly it was full of life, dolphins frolicking round and about, spying on her as she emerged. It had to be a breathtaking event. When I stepped out into the sun, gazing out over the Mediterranean, energy filled the air. The air is crisp! The water is cool! The mind is at peace! This is Cyprus!  This surely had to have been on the mind of the Goddess of Love as she graced it with her presence.  It’s an island from that time to present, love permeates .


Don’t worry, your mind won’t be filled with solitary thoughts as cool gentle breezes wash over your entire body. The warmth that is radiated comes not only from the island but the people that live here as well. On ever side of the island there are coves and bays that create the smiles that are ever present on this wonderful little Mediterranean Island.


No matter why you have come if it’s to relax, you can. If you want to take to the high seas, you can. If you want to plumb the history of this amazing island, you can. Even if you come to shop til you drop, you can. The greatest part is that it won’t break your bank, you can take a bit of your money home. The restaurants are reasonably priced, and the food is absolutely wonderful (I know) from fresh fish, lamb, and other original dishes of the island. Don’t forget to try the Cyrus coffee, it’s wonderful.


When the Gods themselves created this incredible place they too must have made it their vacation resort. If you are looking to escape from the “cold of winter” this is your destination. I understand now why over 2 million people visit this fantastic place every summer. It’s been added to my list of spots to return to and enjoy again, and again.


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