Okay, okay…………Give up? Here’s a few last clues.

This country is the birthplace of “Aphrodite”

baths-of-aphroditeBaths of Aphrodite

I’d like to say that I took these pictures but alas my camera’s battery died and I wasn’t able to take any. But I did find several of the places that I have had the opportunity to visit. This is truly the “Island of Love”, the water is crystal clear. When you look across the shimmering Mediterranean Sea  the colors turn from an azure blue, aquamarine, and then to emerald-green. The photo above is from the baths of Aphrodite, a beautiful little grotto fed by an underground spring.

The burial site of Umm Haram

1224187681_Picture 023Mosque of Umm Haram

On one of our forays we were able to visit the burial site of Umm Haram (Turkish: Hala Sultan) she was the Islāmic prophet Muhammad’s wet-nurse and the wife of Ubada bin al-Samit. The island”s Muslim community consider this a very holy site, the mosque itself has also been described by secular contemporary sources as being revered by all Muslims.

The Burial place of Lazarus

saint-Lazaros-Church St Lazarus Church

We also visited another amazing site where Lazarus was buried. When  searching the internet it seems there’s a conflict as to the real location of where he is buried. But the best archaeological evidence points here. I must admit it amazes me that both of these sites are relatively close to one another. Anyone visiting here should most certainly visit both.

 The sunsets are beautiful too!


So, this should reveal to you where I am. I looking forward to seeing your answers. It will be from this point on I will share with you the rest of this wonderful trip, what we get to see, do, and explore. Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Okay, okay…………Give up? Here’s a few last clues.

      1. It’s an island, but you must head to the south east and follow the clues. The colors of the water will help you. Remember this island has 10,000 years of history.

      2. Well then, Mr. Useless you are the only one who even tried to get it right. Thank you for taking up the challenge. And “yes” you got it right. It’s a great place, will be sharing a lot more as I get to explore.

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