He ain’t Waldo, but here’s the facts

He got mad cause I dropped a rouble

instead of a euro


1. Ten years ago archaeologists found the remains of a person buried with a cat in this country that was dated back approximately 10,000 years ago which is the oldest know pet cat.

2. This country has a considerably lower price for second homes than any other European countries.

2. It has one of the lowest costs of living and very low crime rates, one sixth of the European average.

3. It enjoys a very high standard of schooling and medical services.

4. The official currency is the Euro that is common with many member states of the EU.

5. The natural resources are copper, pyrites, gypsum, asbestos, timber, salt, clay earth pigment and marble.

6. This country was once the wealthiest nation in the world during the Copper and Bronze Ages.

7. Traffic drives on the left-hand side of the road.

8. This country is home to almost two dozen rare species of Orchid.


So the party ended, oh well can’t win them all


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