Bring things into “Perspective”

Helping you to see the picture.


Bringing things into perspective is always important. In this country there are 3 recognized religions. The following to pictures represent the two. But the religions that are practiced here amount to 8 different religious groups, but to make it a bit harder you need to figure out which ones. The secular world has had a lot of influence on this country and capitalism has a great presence.  It’s also been in the news as of lately because the banking systems has come under scrutiny, I hope this brings a little more perspective to where I’m at. I feel a bit like Dora the Explorer and  the other guy what’s his name? The one where you need to find him in the picture. So where in the world am I?


So where in the world am I?


8 thoughts on “Bring things into “Perspective”

    1. Both are good guesses. So with the next couple of clues you should be able to get it. Learning a bit more about where I’m at so I will leave more interesting clues in my next post. Good luck.

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