Sunrise to Sunset – Anadyr, RU and Adirondacks, USA

Sunrise to Sunset

4th Edition


Sunrise in Anadyr, Russia

Looking to the east to where my heart once lay

Solemn visions of the past torture my mind

A new birth of hope comes as it may

Gold and diamonds I did not find

For what I seek, are not easy pleasures

Money, fame, and fortune are not my desire

For the closeness of family is truly the greatest treasure

It’s the simple life that I honestly admire

For those who seek me, he freely comes

Facing east brings news of his coming advance

Here there is singing, dancing, not looking at the sums

It’s not what we own that makes our hearts prance

O’ the day is over, bringing on the darkness of eve

It’s the morning we “Harold” breaking the dusk

belmonte-sunset IIPhoto by Kevin Belmonte

Sunset on Brant Lake in the Adirondacks

We’re looking west to where our setting sun
Already out of sight, looks back at us, to fling
His dying splendor to these clouds. They burn
With borrowed gold and crimson, not their own,
Like strips of silk torn from his royal robe,
These flags of hope left by our solar king,
Who sinks for us below the dark horizon
That he might yet encompass all this globe.

He leaves us with the promise of his rising
For all we face the west of his decline,
Already some where else are voices praising
As on the east they glimpse a kindled line.
His setting is a herald of the morn,
We watch the sunset, but we tread the dawn.


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