Thoughts of an Expat II

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Seeing the world as it really is! Or not?

The World as we see it now

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When I saw the following video it really made me think. Are the things that we commonly hold to be truth really just that, the truth? What if things are actually different? Would it shake your world? Are we all just creatures of habit and look for the easiest solutions that doesn’t require any critical thinking? When you believe that your own view is the only valid one, do you cut off effective communication with others who may not share your cultural assumptions and perspective? One of the hardest things to do is to change one’s own perspective of the world. We are taught and acculturated by our environments, it is so deeply we engrained in us that we are unwilling to let go of our current paradigms.

Excerpt from West Wing

Up until now the world has been psychologically dominated by European thought, that Europe is the center stage and all power emanates from this point. Is this in the reality the truth? What is the truth? There are so many view points, perspectives, and trains of thought. Could each of them have a grain of truth based upon the point from which they are standing? This is much more likely the case. The real trouble comes from the sources we rely on for disseminating this information to us. Is it wise to be listening to the media, politicians and those who hold power or seek it? We are rapidly entering a single global community, this is clear as we look at what the world wide web has brought us. Are we in the process of building a new model or hanging onto our old one. The world is much smaller and more fragile then ever before. If we are to be ultimately successful as a species then we must find solutions through the process of discourse and changing our vision so that it can eventually lead to a stable environment in which we can all live peacefully (is this possible). This is the greatest reason to change the way we look at things.This second map is just one example of changing the way we look at things.

The World closer to the Truth


But then there is always looking at things in a totally different way.The essence of challenging paradigms is pushing back boundaries; experimenting, and thinking out side the box. Have you ever peeled an orange in one continuous piece or opened it like a flower and laid it flat. Then with that same peel pop it so the rind is on the inside, is it still an orange? Are not the world and an orange similar in shape if not size? The next map shows what happens if you start to cut your orange into different shapes and how they might fit elsewhere with that same orange, very interesting indeed.

Different ways to peel an Orange


 So know that we have exposed the need for changing paradigms let’s explain what should be the governing factor when it comes to change. Curiosity, the one thing that separates from other species. It seems Curiosity is related to the capacity of the memory. Curiosity sometimes can have you killed, but more often, in the long term,it’s lack can kill. (fundamentalism). So the next time when you are having a moment of xenophobia stop yourself and ask is my fear truly justified or should I turn things upside down and look at it from a different view point. 


Closing Thoughts

Is it time we take a more balanced approach in changing current paradigms. Chinese culture has a notion ‘zhi li’ that is translated as ‘intelligence’ but roughly indicates wisdom and power/capability/influence, both based on experience. The Chinese notion ‘xi’ is translated as ‘understanding’ but points at clear/evident. The Chinese notions translated as ‘imagination point at in planned fashion knitting/weaving with resemblances, structured trial and error with relations. If you realize that many western politicians who claim to be intelligent and to understand a lot, are not that wise and act like nothing is clear, and often ignore obvious relations.



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  1. Well, we can center the projection of the globe over the Pacific Ocean so that all the countries look tiny. But I think North would still be at the top of the page since it is the only pole that points to a star. It makes a handy reference point.

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