Mirror Reflections – El Salvador & Russia

Some interesting Comparisons

Some times when you look hard you can find the most interesting similarities, volcanoes are no exception. El Salvador and Russia share this in common. El Salvador has 20 volcanoes compared to Kamchatka’s 160. Comparatively this is significant when we look at the differences in the total landmass between the two. El Salvador has 21,040 km (8,124 sq mi) compared to Kamchatka’s 370,000 square km (140,000 square miles) equal to the size of Colorado, this make Kamchatka 17 times larger than El Salvador. If El Salvador’s landmass was the same size as Kamchatka’s there would be 340 volcanoes within its borders. El Salvador would also fit comfortably inside lake Eerie, in Kamchatka there is one person per 1.14 sq. km which is equal to the size of Vale, Oregon. Summing it up if the population density of El Salvador was equal to Kamchatka there would be a total population of 15,028 living in El Salvador. This make El Salvador 382 times more densely populated than Kamchatka.


Life in El Salvador

The White Cadejo

It is late in the evening.  Moths flutter by the light bulb.  The white plastic chairs are gathered in a circle.  The door is open to let the heat of the day escape from the house.  This is story time.
“One time, I was walking through the woods, and I heard something beside me.  I stopped and looked, but I did not see a thing.  Then I kept walking.  I sensed something by my side.  Then,” the teller gasps…Just then a cockroach starts zooming around the room like a hummingbird playing pinball off of our heads.  We all gasp and swat at the warm air as the teller says, “I saw it — it was the white cadejo.
The other women in the circle nod.  They had all experienced the presence of the white dog.  “The white cadejo walks beside the woman, protecting her from danger.  One time, when I went to the river to do the laundry, the white dog was with me.”
A husband speaks up.  “I have spied the black cadejo from the corner of my eye.  He has followed me through the woods.  I know this because I have heard a stick break, and when I have turned around fast, I have caught a glimpse of him.”

 Visit: http://linda-elsalvador.blogspot.ru/2013/10/night-tales.html


Life in Russia

Mummy-Man In Russia!

Dwellers of an apartment building in the city of Tula, central Russia, were horrified to learn of a discovery made in one of the apartments. The mummified body of a tenant was found in a sitting position in the kitchen of his apartment. The tenant had been dead for six years.

One hazy morning a telephone started ringing in an office of Mark Ignashin, an investigator with the prosecutor’s office of Tula’s central district. “This is a duty officer of a district police station. We’ve received a report on a mummified body found in apartment building No 142 on Lenin Street. We’re sending a vehicle to pick you up, Mr. Ignashin,” said the officer and hung up.

No sooner had Ignashin stepped into a typical Khrushchev-era tiny apartment than he became aware of a pungent putrid smell. A mummified body in a plaid shirt was seated at a kitchen table. The brownish parchment-like skin covered the mummy’s dried-up bones. An empty vodka bottle and a glass sat on a dusty table. One of the policemen brought a bunch of newspapers from a living room. All the newspapers dated back to February of 2000……………

Visit: http://authorcamilson.wordpress.com/category/russian-urban-legends/

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