Sunrise to Sunset – Vladivostok and Maine

Sunrise to Sunset

Second Edition

Orange sky over the Amursky Bay.

Amursky Bay in Vladivostok, Russia

The Chinese name of Vladivostok is “Haishenwei”. In Japanese, the name of the city is “Urajiosutoku”.

1. In 1912, Vladivostok was the first city in the Asian part of Russia where trams appeared.

2. The most famous bay of Vladivostok, Golden Horn, has the same name of the bay in the port of Istanbul.   Russian explorers named it so because of the similarity of the configurations of the Istanbul bay. The British, who visited the bay in the middle of the 19th century, called it Port May.

3, In the city on the Pacific Ocean Nobel Prize-winner physicist Igor Tamm was born. The famous Hollywood actor Yul Brynner was born in Vladivostok.

4. Vladivostok is the home of Mumiy Troll singer Ilya Lagutenko and showman Sergey Belogolovtsev.


Colorful Sunset in Rockland Maine.

Rockland, Maine

1. Rockland, Maine was founded in July 28, 1848. The town of Rockland was originally named East Thomaston but it changed its name in 1850. Rockland is a big seafood port.

2. To survive in Rockland, you mostly rely on lobster and other seafood that can be found in the ocean. The majority of the seafood consumed in the US is caught in and around this area.

3. Rockland, Maine is known best for its annual celebration that features 20,000 pounds of lobster cooked in the world’s largest lobster cooker, as well a parade, a crate race and the crowning of a sea goddess.

4. The Wyeth Brothers are among the most popular artists in Maine. You can visit the Farnsworth Art Museum which comprises the Farnsworth Homestead and Olsen House, buildings which have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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