Mirror Reflections – Tunisia & Russia


Life In Tunisia

Few countries have been transformed in the past 18 months as much as Tunisia. TEARN (Tunisian Education And Resource Network), under the guidance of president and Global Education Conference keynoter Héla Nafti, has also transformed itself, becoming one of the first post-revolution education NGOs in the country. A pioneer of K-12 online collaborative projects in Tunisia since 2003, TEARN hosts workshops and facilitates projects for an estimated 40 teachers and 800 students in 30 schools across the country. TEARN projects are aligned to the Tunisian national curricula, which supports project-based learning instruction

Visit: http://iearnusa.wordpress.com/2012/12/18/bringing-global-connections-to-life-in-tunisia/

Cost of Living in Tunis, Tunisia

Consumer Price Index (Excl.Rent):42.78

Rent Index:11.57

Groceries Index:40.20

Restaurants Index:33.68

Consumer Price Plus Rent Index:27.61

Local Purchasing Power:32.29

Pictures in the News: Sochi, Russia

Life in Russia

 Russian Behavior

  As a foreigner, you are expected to be on time to all business appointments. However, your Russian counterpart may be late, as this may be a test of your patience. Do not expect an apology from a late Russian, and do not demonstrate any kind of attitude if your business appointments begin one or two hours late.  This may also be a test of your patience.

  Social events are more relaxed.  It is acceptable for foreigners to be 15 to 30 minutes late.

  Patience is an extremely important virtue among Russians; punctuality is not.

  Russians are known as great “sitters” during negotiations, this demonstrates their tremendous patience.

  The U.S.S.R. was officially an atheist nation in the days of communism. Now, however, participation in religion in increasing, with many citizens practicing Protestantism, Islam, Russian Orthodoxy, and Judaism.

  Some ‘hard-line’ Russians still view compromise as a sign of weakness, and often refuse to back down. To these individuals, compromising is bad business.

Visit: http://www.cyborlink.com/besite/russia.htm

Cost of living in Sochi

Consumer Price Index (Excl.Rent):70.04

Rent Index:39.84

Groceries Index:55.86

Restaurants Index:94.03

Consumer Price Plus Rent Index:55.36

Local Purchasing Power:36.65

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