Attending School at a Russian Fairy Tale Castle

Will this be the future for schools in Russia?

If you look closely you can see the remodeling taking place, scaffolding and all.
If you look closely you can see the remodeling taking place, scaffolding and all.

The schools of the soviet era were all typically drab and ugly, schools that killed the mind instead allowing it to grow. The wife of Sergey Mamaev dreamed of a school that would inspire children to learn. Thus “Ordinary Miracle” was born. In the picture above what was once a typical soviet school was remodeled to resemble a castle, a place where impressionable minds could grow ant thrive. 

A Dream come true?

Ordinary-Miracle-school 6

Sergey was already a successful business man when his wife espoused her dreams to him. Rising to this call he transformed the secondary School no.5, in Yoshkar-Ola, in the capital city of the Mari El Republic, Russia into this modern day fairy tale wonder. The locals call it Hogwarts School (meaning architectural style), but the official name is School number 5.

Would you want your kids to attend school here?


The school itself has become quite the hit. The tuition parents have to pay  is a paltry sum of 2,000 rubles ($61) per month, typical tuition in similar learning institutions can be much higher.  Children educated in these unique setting features a state of the art kindergarten, elementary and middle schools, cafeteria, swimming pool, gym and more.

A question for Russian Business men?

Ordinary-Miracle-school2 2

Mamaev’s investment in Ordinary Miracle has been praised on other Russian sites as an example for other wealthy businessmen. The question remains will they rise to this call, will they invest into their children’s future hopes, dreams, and desires?


3 thoughts on “Attending School at a Russian Fairy Tale Castle

  1. How interesting! It will be fascinating to see if the kids who attend school here go on to achieve average or higher accomplishments. Is the educational experience the same as say, school #4? Or is the curriculum also more focused on imagination?

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