Thoughts from a guest blogger

When I started blogging I understood how important it was to find great bloggers which I would enjoy following. We all know how hard this process is in the beginning, but I was greatly rewarded when I found today’s guest blogger. I could tell right away she wasn’t following other bloggers but setting her own path. A very distinct path that followed esteemed thinkers to which I greatly admired. She is an original that has brought a lot of insight into my world. You can find her at  Blogging Einstein.

Thoughts from a guest blogger

beach and birds small

The blogosphere, if I may coin a phrase, is much like wading along the ocean’s shore where we find ourselves stopping every now and again to enjoy the surroundings, and then we move on. I have been one of the fortunate “waders” to have found a most lovely spot to frequent, whereupon I am never disappointed and return for more. It’s location for me is across the globe “Life in Russia” to be exact. And as I have become a follower of “Life in Russia” I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know the author and observer behind the “pen and photos”. With gracious acceptance I wish to thank Steve for asking me to be a guest blogger. And so…here are a few of my thoughts…

There seems to be a consensus that we are dwelling in a time that one would consider “a small world”. For how often do we hear the expression, “It’s a small world” when we encounter a kind of coincidence. And then the notion that we are living in a “small world” because our ability to be connected has become as easy as a mere tap tap tap upon the screen of our phone and voilà, we are able to transmit a mini conversation across the ocean that centuries ago would have literally taken weeks or even months.

But in spite of our existence in the “small world” as a reality, it remains a world that holds its information, shall we say, close to the vest. For it is only those who seek it out, those who query for information like a Miner quarrying for gems, that knowledge will be unearthed. And so for many, our “small world” still remains vast, expansive, and even barren.

A compass on a vintage map, blue-toned. How does one bring the vastness of the universe into a realm that is manageable and comprehensive; for me it is partially through the discovery and rediscovery of “esteemed thinkers”, these are the intellectuals in all divisions of labor, all the arts, forms of education, desires, walks of life, rich, poor, sages and novices. These are the folks, the kinsmen, the tribes, the people, the individuals…these are the ones that have or had something of merit to offer up to the world. For me, they need to be heard again, least we only find them when we stumble upon their names. And that would be a shame.

How and what we place value upon is itself as individual as our likes and dislikes. And isn’t it perfectly wonderful that there are so many extraordinary choices from around the globe. No one place or culture has a monopoly on great minds and great thinkers, which makes each of us an apprentice within a humanity of so many masters.

Some might say and others would agree that all this accumulation of information is akin to a scrapbook, a collection of random knowledge in no special order…but then….there are those who like myself find it exciting, invigorating, and even a cure for indifference.

And so, I return to the great intellectuals of the past and present and bring them closer; for if our world is truly smaller then they are that much closer to us than one might really think.

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