Russian Crow Snowboarding

This hooded crow is having a ball snowboarding on a roof. I knew this critters were smart but how did this bird figure this out? I’ve seen the behavior of crows in the states which amazed me, but this is the first time I’ve since something like this here. I found a great article that talks about this. When animals behave like this we have a tendency to want to  anthropomorphize this kind of behavior. Either way it’s quite fun to watch.


Bonus Video


6 thoughts on “Russian Crow Snowboarding

    1. Thanks. Honestly haven’t seen this myself here in Russia, but while living in the states I got to watch several things these amazing birds do. Youtube opens the door to the world in many ways. American Grizzly hugs.

      1. We have a lot of crows and ravens here…and I’ve had the ravens “talk” to me when I’m outside. And I have a friend who said the crows are fun to watch in his yard. 🙂

      2. Most interesting thing I’ve seen them do is cuddling on top of a light pole. First it was a lone crow, then another appeared. The first one turned it’s back but the other continued to try to warm up to the other. The whole thing was very cool to watch. I personally was sitting in a boring meeting being entertained by the birds.

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