So where does Santa Claus live anyway?


This question needed some answers since in a earlier post both Canada and Russia seem to lay claim to the physical address of Santa. But something very curious happened as I began to investigate this man’s whereabouts. See it seems that he has multiple residences and even has his own village in Finland, now I don’t think I ever thought of Santa Claus as being rich but by the looks of things he’s finally put away some hard-earned cash. It made me wonder if he’s possibly outsourcing the making of  presents to somewhere in China. I may need to do an exposé on this too, let’s see where this first story leads.

In Canada

Canada claims that Santa lives in Canada, but I could find no physical proof of this. Interestingly enough he does have an address which I’ve posted here. Even the address seems a bit sketchy at best, the zip code of HoH oHo didn’t jive in my mind. Wasn’t able to find it on Google earth nor could I find any pictures, it seems like this could be a fake address maybe for some shell corporation.

Santa Claus,
North Pole,
H0H 0H0

In Finland

Santa’s village in Finland

So the second known address came from Finland, which when I did a search on Google earth was able to find quite easy. Surprisingly it looks like there’s 3 different spots on the map that have Santa’s name on them. Here’s the address I have for him in Finland along with the Google earth proof of evidence. I think this is where all the Christmas parties are held by the looks of things.

Santa Claus,
Santa Claus Village,
Arctic Circle,

Santa home in Finland
Santa’s home in Finland

In North Pole Alaska


The third address show up in Alaska, in a little town called North Pole. It was here that I found that he has a Souvenir Superstore, post office (possible site of mailbox), and town meeting hall ( meeting place for the elves?). The town itself looks quite quaint with the light posts being in the shape of candy canes. Here’s the address along with picture and Google Map.

Santa Claus,
P.O. Box 56099,
North Pole,

North Pole, Alaska
Map of North Pole, Alaska

In Russia


When I did a search for Santa’s residence in Russia none was found (not surprising). In 2010 Moscow’s mayor, Yuri Luzhkov, declared the small but idyllic woodland town of Veliky Ustyug the official home of Russia’s Santa Claus. Santa’s Post Office nearby is one of the most active parts of the operation. The post office has received nearly two million letters to which are answered by a staff of 40 employees. One wonders if he pays taxes on all 40 of them? Anyway this seems to be the most active of all the locations, go figure.


So the conclusion of this investigation is that Santa owns multiple homes in several countries. By the looks of things Canada’s claim won’t work since any true citizen should have a physical residence. But Russia’ claim doesn’t hold water either since this is a new residence, and actual address not recorded, anyway it was all done in a day’s work. Simply put I think Santa is probably a citizen of the world.

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4 thoughts on “So where does Santa Claus live anyway?

    1. Currently I think he’s in Vegas after a hard day of delivering presents. In Russia he’ll be gone at least until the 9th of January. The normal holidays for us here. After that if I was him I’d probably head to Cabo, what do you think?

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