Mirror Reflections – Costa Rica & Russia


“Wild” Life in Costa Rica

The Tayra

  • The tayra is one of the most common predators throughout its range, which extends from Mexico to northern Argentina.
  • A solitary species mainly active during the day, the tayra is an omnivore, feeding on fruit, honey, insects, small vertebrates and carrion.
  • The tayra is a forest dwelling mustelid, found both in the trees and on the forest floor.
  • The female tayra gives birth to between one and three young, although twins are most common.

Visit: http://www.arkive.org/tayra/eira-barbara/


“Wild” Life in Russia

Yellow-throated Marten

The Yellow-throated Marten is a medium-sized carnivore, closely related to the weasel and otter. In Southeast Asia the species occurs in primary and secondary lowland and montane forests up to 3000m. It will explore beyond the forest edge in search of food, sometimes entering the gardens of forest-edge dwellings.

This mainly diurnal species is both terrestrial and arboreal in habits. Its diet is wide-ranging and includes a variety of small vertebrate prey, such as squirrels and reptiles, as well as insects, fruits and berries. It is reported that they have a fondness for honey, and have been seen eating bees at the entrance to bees nests.

Visit: http://www.ecologyasia.com/verts/mammals/yellow-throated-marten.htm



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