Mirror Reflections – Trinidad and Tobago & Russia

trinidad_and_tobago_3Life in Trinidad and Tobago

It’s been a busy year for me on the road. The past few weeks have, however, been less hectic as I’ve been back in London without an airport or foreign supermarket in sight. I have to say it’s nice to spend a decent amount of time in one place and the end of ECA’s Cost of Living survey has come, for me, at the right time. I’ve managed to visit 48 cities in 34 countries in 2013 and already plans are afoot for our next survey in the first half of 2014. So why do I spend my time abroad walking up and down supermarket aisles and treading the marble of shopping mall floors? And what happens with the data I collect?

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Life in Russia

Cost of living in Kazan, Russia

The cost of living in Kazan is average in comparison to other places in the world. This is based on a comparison of locally collected prices for goods and services applicable to expatriates, converted to USD. The goods and services have been grouped together into categories (baskets) and the cost calculated for each basket in each location. Futhermore, these baskets have been weighted based on extensive research of actual, senior, expatriate spending habits. As a result the cost of living comparisons are applicable to internationally mobile senior staff such as specialists, professionals, managers and executives.

The current cost of living overview for each basket is as follow………

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