Mirror Reflections – Ethiopia & Russia

The Ethiopian church of St. George is sunken into the rock and is a most unusual building

Life in Ethiopia

About a month ago, I flew back to Ethiopia to live and work in the capitol city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. My government office established and runs the Gullele Botanic Garden, the first botanic garden in Ethiopia. Their main agendas are conservation of biodiversity, research, education and eco-tourism. So far, it has been a great experience – my co-workers are intelligent and kind, I am learning more and more about the cultural uses of plants in Ethiopia and globally each day and I look forward to the coming months as the garden evolves and becomes a recognized attraction by locals and visitors alike.

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Cost of living Index for Addis Ababa

Consumer Price Index: 59.84

Rent Index: 37.20

Groceries Index: 59.70

Restaurant Index: 74.84

Visit: http://www.xpatulator.com/cost-of-living-review/Ethiopia-Addis-Ababa_73.cfm

Spassky Cave Church 1550x366
Spassky Cave Church, Voronezh Oblast

Life in Russia

Yekaterinburg has a number of claims to fame, for the Trans-Siberian traveller the most considered point is that it straddles the imaginary line demarking Europe and Asia. Crossing the vastness of Russia it seemed a good place to pause, to break up the train journey, to see a city that wasn’t Moscow or St Petersburg.

We took a detour off the main Trans-Siberian route and took the 016 Ural Express from Moscow, this train travels to Yekaterinburg via Kazan. It was a smart, clean train and we got a four berth Kupe cabin to ourselves, peaceful bliss. We glided through forest which opened out into scrubland, passing small villages of low wooden houses, insubstantial and untidy yet colourful and charming. Many of the houses had decorative window frames and panels, weatherbeaten and bleached. The occasional agricultural scene and some low-key oil extraction. The world beyond the window was icy, frozen ponds and snow-dusted ground, completely at odds with the stuffy carriage…….

Visit: http://vagabondbaker.com/2013/11/12/breaking-the-vastness-of-the-journey-in-yekaterinburg-russia/

Visit: http://ethioemily.wordpress.com/

Cost of living Index for Yekaterinburg, Russia

Consumer Price Index: 62.99

Rent Index: 22.41

Groceries Index: 49.55

Restaurant Index: 56.85

Visit: http://www.xpatulator.com/cost-of-living-review/Russia-Yekaterinburg_540.cfm




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