Mirror Reflections – Czech Republic & Russia

I must admit when I found these two pictures I got excited. My blog is about building bridges between countries through the understanding that we all are very similar. It’s amazing what can be spoken through pictures and I think these two speak a lot.


Life in Czech Republic

In my time here, I’ve seen a lot, done a lot, learned a lot. It’s not often that I put these things into words, exactly, but I’m going to try. So, here are things I’ve learned from Prague, about Prague and the Czech Republic in general. Hopefully they will give you a window into Czech culture, too.

1) Beer is good.

2) There are many, many different kinds of beer. I used to believe that beer was limited just to “piss” but I’ve since learned that it comes in many varieties – not just light, dark, wheat, semi-dark, strawberry, honey etc but in many subtly different flavours.

3) When someone asks “How are you?”, the polite response is not “I’m fine thank you”, but “Ah, I feel like sh*t” or whatever is actually on your mind. Being super happy can be seen as bragging or being false.

4) Seems that the Communist/Capitalist thing is far, far from black and white. In local elections, the Communist Party just won quite a lot of votes. I’ve heard some Czech people lamenting the days when housing and jobs were secure and for life…….

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Life in Russia

In our world we all hail from being from somewhere, some of us call ourselves Americans, Russians, or  maybe even some other country. Even though I was born in America I’m not sure I can call myself an American. One could claim that I’m now a Russian since I now live in Russia. But in the reality of things I’m neither and at the same time I’m both.  If there was a bridge between the two, I ‘d love to say that I’m standing right in the middle calling to both, come see your brother, he’s just like you. I’ve seen both worlds now, and from one standpoint I’d say both are the same. Then I turn and see them from a different angle and the differences between them are as vast as the ocean. It’s my hope through my blogging to show you just………..

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