Patomsky Crater – Origions Unknown

Patomsky Crater or to the locals Fire Eagle Nest

One of the most truly strange anomalies on the planet lies within the borders of Russia.  This incredible geological feature is located near the city Bodaybo in Irkutsk region of Russia. How it came to be formed about five hundred years ago  is still mystery. The local community of Yakut Peoples that live near this crater call it the “Fire Eagle Nest”. The crater itself has been in the memory of the locals for over four generations. It wasn’t until 1949 that Russian Geologist by the name of Vladimir Kolpakov stumbled across it and named it Patom Crater.

View of dome size within crater

The Yakut people steer clear of this place because of the strange deaths that have occurred in the area. One unusual event that took place near the crater was when an entire family deserted their home without a trace. Those who entered the home afterwards found all the valuables were still there, scattered about the house. A second incident  was when a hunter had killed a deer close to the crater and had begun to dress it out when he shot himself in the mouth and died. From this time forward those who enter the area leave their weapons behind.

View of rim size of crater

Because this crater was found inside Soviet Russia it wasn’t possible to investigate the origins of the crater. The first expedition to the crater was lead by E.Vorobev who was a geologist from Irkutsk. This trek ended when the leader died of a massive heart attack. Thus claiming another life to which the crater has been blamed.

rock strata within crater

There have been some very interesting hypotheses put forth about the origins of the crater. They stretch from it being a volcano,  impact site of a meteor, crash site of an alien spacecraft, or the consequence of deep gas breakthrough. The latest hypotheses is probably the most accurate up to this point but has not been found to be conclusive. It is believed it could be a cryovolcano that arose from the release of ice from under the rock (of cryovolcano erupting water, methane and ammonia compounds, both in the liquid and in the gaseous state). The first cryovolcanos were discovered on Titan, which is one of the moons of Saturn. One of the more interesting findings came from Electromagnetic sensing, by which studied the structure in the interior of the crater. What showed up at a depth of 150 meters was a roughly large ellipsoid shape with high electrical conductivity (which might support a crash landing site).

unusual rock formation within crater

Though the site is difficult to reach it’s certain that further investigations will be done to determine the true cause of most interesting anomaly.




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