City of the Dead – “Abode of Divinity”


What looks like an quaint village by a river happens to be a city of the dead that was constructed in medieval times. On the border of Georgia and within Itum-Kalinsky, part of the Chechen Republic, lies a necropolis like no other in the world.  It was built during the 14th century by a group of people called the Tsoi-Ped.


Amongst some of the rumors about why this place was built was to house the bodies of fallen warriors. There is some evidence that substantiates this because in several sepulchers weapons were found that support this. But there is another eluding element into the mysteriousness of this place.


One of the more fascinating aspects about this necropolis’ structure are two pillar-shaped altars. On the walls of watchtower religious symbols and a paintings can be found, which are believed to be St. George. Another belief held is that the necropolis was built to house the dead during an epidemic. The problem to this theory is  that there wouldn’t have been anyone available to bury or burn the corpses, it believed that the infected people most likely housed themselves within the city waiting to die.


No matter what the reasons where behind its construction, there is something utterly fascinating about being able to view such an ancient abode. The mysterious crypts, artwork, and surrounding area have not been desecrated by modern times. All of which lends to the necropolis and the amazing air of absolute timelessness.

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